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Caring for Our Pets

Pets often bring Joy amd happiness to our lives. They have their own personality making them unique. Besides being man's best friend they have amazing sensory abilities. our pets are able to sense when things are wrong, something is about to happen, like an earthquake, Their owner is in danger, ill or has passed on. Pets know when your coming home at night and sit at the door waiting for your arrival. All your pets asks for in return is a good home, some love and affection, play time and care.

Properly Caring for them means feeding them natural nutrtioual food without the fillers, cereal and byproducts. Pets get sick too so They need proper nutrients just as we do to stay healthy. Supplements for their bones will keep them from getting painful jont conditions. Natural, holisitc and homeopathic medicines with no side effects will help your pet recover from an illness. The cost of vets and procedures has risen drmatically. Pet insurance is now widely accepted by many vets. The cost of operations and other treatments can far exceed the cost of insurance.

We've brought you companies selling quality pet foods , medicines, and supplements that are beneficial to your pets health and longevity. When you go away or may need a pet sitter you can trust can help with that. They have a large datbase of available siiters for pets as well as children. All their sitters have to be checked and approved.

Natural/Holistic Care and Food Products

Shop Today! is a supplier of various pet med and nutritional products for cats and dogs. They have hundreds of items of items to help every possible medical problem your pet may have or encounter. All the products are over the counter so no prescriptions are required. The nutritional products are supplements to maintain your dogs health at affordable prices.

The large selection of products gives you a choice of product names, sizes and prices. You won't be forced to buy more than you need or a size that just doesn't work for your pet. US Pet offers free shipping on all orders over $39.99

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Vetionx is a company that manufactures and sells their own natural pet care products. Their products have been used in many different animals and results have been dramatic. .

Vetionx All-Natural Pet Health Products features a line of six pet health care products that are safe and effective for all pets and animals, including dogs, cats, horses, birds and reptiles. Their products are for arthritis help, dysplasia, skin care, diabetes relief, digestion and hydration, mage shampoo and pain management.

Vetionx believes in helping your pet restore natural balance. By providing valuable veterinarian insight and unique homeopathic/oligotherapeutic solutions, we help pets around the world lead long, healthy lives, naturally.

Their products are guaranteed to have no side effects. VETIONX manufactures their products in a state if the art facility. under strict guidelines of US FDA. They strongly stand behind their products and offer a 60 day money back guarantee to all new customers.

Their on-call veterinarian, Dr. Charlene Wilson, D.V.M., provides consultative support to their product developers as well as our customers with pet health questions. Find her pet health advice in the Ask Our Vet section of the website Go to VETIONX for Promaxol All-Natural Pet Pain Formula


Wysong Pet Nutrition makes all natural pet foods and supplements. Established in 1979, Wysong Corporation is one of the true pioneers of natural pet foods and holistic pet health care and nutrition. Conceived and led by Dr. Wysong, they are a family company that puts principle ahead of market.

They view pet nutrition as a serious health matter, not a mere opportunity for profit. Their natural pet products are developed by in-house pet health doctorate professionals and produced in their own manufacturing facilities.

Wysong pet food has been fed to tens of thousands of pets for multiple generations for thirty years with remarkable health benefits. Their vast collection of testimonials proves that following the Wysong method for nutrition works. Regardless of your dogs health or age, under all health conditions, adherence to Wysong Optimal Health Program™ and using natural Wysong foods will yield increased pet health and vitality. Go to for natural Pet Food is a company that helps you find a trustworthy person for your pet care needs. The company does background checks on all people in their system and makes references available to any potential clients. You can advertise on their site for any help you need to find the right person. The company has been mentioned on news shows and in papers and is now advertising on TV. You have to sign up to use the site which free of charge. No costs are incurred until you hire a person.

They are nationwide and have a sizeable list of people to choose from. You can use their special search features to look for someone wiht experience, local, and even a price. If your experieneced in this industry and love pets you can register with this as a pet sitter.

Winston's - All-natural treatment for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis,  joint pain and OCD at