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Child Care Professional Services

Reliable trustworthy babysitters and nannies are needed by many families. and Nannies for has a network of people to babysit and care for your child. They are all prequalified and backgorund checked to ensure you are getting a reliable sitter.
Undersatanding a baby is a challenege but will help you to "talk to your baby" by undrstanding their actions. Your baby will, in turn, learn how to communicate with you. Their special training programming will help potty train your baby long before others begin to learn. sitters and nannies is a company that helps you find a trustworthy person for your needs. The company has people to fill the needs for children including babysitters, nannies, special needs care, tutoring, child care centers. has care givers for adults and seniors, pets, home and lifestyle. IF sounds familiar you probably saw their adds on TV.

The company does background checks on all people in their system and makes references available to any potential clients. You can advertise on their site for any help you need to find the right person. The company has been mentioned on news shows and in papers for their program. You have to sign up to use the site which free of charge. No costs are incurred until you hire a person.

Local Babysitter and Nanny Listings Search Local Babysitters Today. Find your ideal sitter. Fast and Easy.

Nannies for hire site

Nannies for Hire

Nannies for has been affiliated with the nanny industry since 1987 and has grown into the largest and most successful company in the business. It was started by a mother who experienced the difficulty in finding a perfect nanny. The site is easy to use offering a data base designed to assist families in finding a quality nanny for their specific needs and requirements. We have welcomed aboard hundreds of thousands of families and nannies, and our list continues to grow daily. Choosing a nanny for your children is a big decision which will often involve asking questions and seeking guidance. has unique phone support (other online companies can only be contacted by email). We have several nanny industry professionals available to answer questions by telephone

A free preview of nannies is available to families. They have many nannies with a variety of experience levels. Once you register you will have access to all advanced features and helpful tools. Many agencies don't have access to an online database of nannies. They charge thousands of dollars to find a nanny and there is no guarantee of that person's reliability. Here that high cost has been drastically reduced to make it very affordable to find a nanny. has built relationships with Dr. Phil, Supernanny and the Discovery Channel/TLC to name a few and also teamed up with corporations to help find childcare for their employees. Thousands of families and nannies throughout the United States and Canada have joined and their list continues to grow. go to for reliable help

Care for Hire baby sitter srvice


Care4hire is a sister company to nannies for They specialize in bringing you babysitters, pet sitters, tutors, housekeepers and more. They have many care givers across the US and Canada with background checks and references performing a variety of home services. Once you register you will have access to all their available care givers.

If you are a babysitter, pet sitter, housekeeper or caregiver you can register with the site to start receiving business offers for your services.

go to Care4hire for specialized professional help

Educational Programs and toys

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The Original Sesame Street Store and Cast

If you want to buy sesame street items this is the place to shop, The Sesame Street Store . They have dozens of products for your children or as gifts. You will find a variety of Home goods, toys, DVDs, music, books and clothing.Let your child's imagination run wild with their Sesame Street friends! Click here!

Everything is priced to be affordable and fit your budget. The good news is money made here from any purchases goes back to funding this program and others like it. You are helping to support public television children's programming. Go to Shop the Official Sesame Street Store

Because every child deserves to feel inspired, admired, motivated, engaged and enriched. Let us help you nurture your child's unique spirit is a company that helps children to develop skills and discover who they were meant to be. They do this by connecting teachers, tutors and coaches with the local students they were meant to teach. They have a well established proven system in use that allows them to and the student to learn, grow and develop skills that would otherwise go unnoticed. In todayís economy with all the financial cutbacks education is lacking in many cities. This program is affordable and a plus in your Childs development. They have Great tutoring for kids

Find out how to teach your child effective learning strategies. (Plus when and how to use them!)

Maternity, baby, shower and parental gifts

My Bambino personalized baby gifts


mybambino started as a small shop in 1992 selling a handful of perosnalized baby gifts done by hand. The idea caught on and the following fall they made the first handmade catalog. Now they have over 300 items wih a staff of talented artist doing the work on many products. They variety of gifts, small furniture, room decor, personalized items, personalized party favors, baby gifts and mich more. You will see that many of the items are personalized by their staff artist and not some production line machine finished goods. There are many nice product that make great gifts. My personal favorites are the piggy banks. They just never seem to lose their place in a room. The choices they offer will let you pick one that will always be useful.

mybambino has taken the tme to add a page for links to resources to other sites. They have a link to babyshower games and ideass,basic Italian and Irish baby names.

Shop for perosnalized baby gifts today



baby Stroller

Looking for a special stroller? Stroller depot has a large selection of the newest available strollers with free shipping within the continental US. They have a variety of stroller accessories to go with the strollers, for example weather gear, bags and organizers, baby gear and buggy boards.

They carry a line of infant carriers, cars seats and educational books, toys and dvds If you like to bike ride the trailers and wagons that attach to your bike were a nice touch and affordable. Stroller has an extended warranty on all products. They will double the factory warranty all products sold to you. Thatís an offer not often seen and eliminates the need for an extended warranty purchase. Go to Baby Stroller Depot