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from small guage to full size railroads. Get the thrill model railroading has to offer.

See the different starter sets and add ons has to offer.

Model Trains Beginners Guide

Toy trains is a hobby for people of all ages who have a fondness of trains. We never never lose this or outgrow it. Model trains are a hobby with products that can last for decades.I can still buy parts to repair my 50 year old Lionel train set.Read the Guide Here

If your a collector,have trains to sell want to see what's new, get on their blog or their eBay store go here to their home page. You'll find links to get you around the site and videos that will impress you while making you more knowledgeable about trains.

Lionel trains train set has everything you need when it comes to toy trains sets. They carry a large inventory of different brands, do repairs, buy and sell used and vintage train stes. Whether your a hobbyist or just starting out they can help you find what you need at the right price.Lionel trains train set is a great gift that will last a lifetime. The number of available cars, engines, buildings, track and accessories gives endless possibilities to what can be done with these toy trains., Your Stop for Harry Potter and Polar Express

lionel trains Polar Express

Lionel Polar Express is a recreation of the Polar express train from the movie. The die-cast metal Berkshire locomotive is designed to be true to the original. Lionel gave it a larger pilot, headlight lens cap and unique whistle. The engine and tender are painted in a dark matte finish. Following the locomotive are two lighted coach cars. This make s a great addition to model railroad electric trains set. The Polar Express train set will look perfect in mountain scenes and layouts. USing your imagination picure this train at night with the lights lit in the cars and engine traveling through mountains and covered cavernous openings, A Lionel and MTH Trains Authorized Dealer. Click Here to Save 50% now!, Largest Model Train Inventory Online!
Huge Inventory

Besides being in the business for 30 years we carry a large inventory of over 2500 items and offering you everything you need to be the ultimate Lionel train hobbyist. We have a selection of Lionel model electric trains starter sets that are perfect for either just a once a year holiday event or the person planning to continue year round. Go to to view layouts and see more of their selections. Lionel trains are made to last for decades.

Lionel Trains- A hobby for all ages

Lionel toy train sets are made to last decades and can be constantly added to with the thousands of available engines, cars, buidlings tracks and props. Layouts are available to compliment the space you have to work with. Trains are made in different guages. HO guage was popular due to its small size making it possible to build a larger layout in a small area. Lionel O guage was probably the most popular and commonly owned trains. Lionel czontinues to put out new train sets with add ons. Lionel train parts, repairs and accessories are available at mots hobby stores and online.

The most recent new train set on is the Polar Express that gives you the added ability to buy additional cars and figures to make a north pole layout come to life. You can get an idea of the amazing things a person can do with Lionel trains. Local train clubs have year round set ups on display and are worth visiting

We associate Christmas with trains as stores layout the sets in their display windows around trees and little villages. Children always seem to be the benefactors of this fine gift but fact is trains are a year round hobby and we are all kids at any age who love trains. Don't think twice about surprising the "big kid" in your life with a Lionel toy train set and it doesn't have to be Christmas. Next time you have trouble thinking of a gift idea think of Lionel. The man who thinks he has everything has nothing until he owns Lionel electric trains., Model Trains for the Beginner and the Serious Hobbiest. Click Here!

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