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video games is a shopping supersite offering 26 different departments and over nine million products ready to ship. They have product suggestions and products that have been ranking high in sales on their home page. Some examples of their departments are, jewelry, office supplies, baby, video games, pets, networking, toys, sports, musical instruments, software, home and garden and clothing and shoes.

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Boscov's! is a large department store chain. They carry thousands of items in many areas including home and garden, clothing, fragrances, cosmetics, appliances,electronics, bedding and furniture. They have 39 stores located in the mid atlantic region of the country, Pennsylvannia, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Delaware. This gives them tremendous buying power so they can offer you better prices. Boscovs carries designer brands and top manufacturers. They stand behind all the products they sell. They are obviously doing something right. Boscov's! is still a major retail chain that appears to be growing. See what they have for your home and pesonal use. Get great prices on all your home needs.

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Chocolate Fountains

Try Sephra's Imported Belgian Fondue Chocolates!

Host a party and for desert have a chocolate fountain with a special chocolate fondue recipe. has very affordable low cost home units. 16 inch unit is $69.99 and serves 20 to 30 people 18 inch unit is $99.99 and serves 30 to 40 people. sells the chocolate for the fountains and offers many free specialty dipping fondues recipes on the site. Let fountain make your parties memorable and your guest envious Sephra Premium Dark Semi-Sweet Fondue Chocolate - Use Coupon Code 'SEPHRACF' for 10% Off on 4lb Box

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Out door Fountains and Statuary

garden fountains and statuary

Direct - is also called Direct Garden Decor This is the place to shop for your backyard for fountains, garden fountains, garden statuary, garden planters and accents for the garden. They products come in a variety of sizes and materials including stone, fiberglass, copper and stainless steel and wood.

Their selections include water features that are complete and will allow you to do anything from layered fountains to waterfalls. The accents include picnic tables and accessories, bird baths, wall plaques, pond items and much more. Visit Direct - To get some great backyard makeover ideas.

Direct Garden Decor; Garden & Indoor Fountains

Home Improvement Stores

Shop! No Restocking Fees iconis a home supply store that has gained recognition as one of the top 100 online stores. They carry thousands of products for the home. They have a main site to shop at or you can use the individual sites listed below that are all part of As an online store they carry many more products than you would find at local large department supply stores. Great deals and prices are always being offered to their customers along with free shipping for minimum purchases.

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FaucetDirect Mirco Banner have thousands of sinks to choose from including vessel sinks and the faucets to go with them at very affordable prices. There are plenty of fixtures to choose like bathtubs, toilets, vanities and sinks. You can choose from accessories for the bathroom from a variety of items like towels bar holders, tissue holder, soap dish, towel rings, and even toilet tank levers.

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Lighting Direct Micro Banner Ė Big name brands at bargain prices. Get the lighting you need at the right price. The huge selection will help you find the perfect lighting fixture for your home. Shop for ideas to imrove your homes appearance and lighting needs. There is no charge for looking.

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HandSets Mirco Banner

HandleSets.Com offers dozens of manufacturers and thousands of products. They have a broad selection of handles and dead bolts for doors, pocket doors, electronic locks, hinges, door levers and door knobs. HandleSets.Com also carries a line of door hardware for cabinets and bathrooms, drawers and appliances. Many of their items are not available in local home improvement stores. They have a 110% price guarantee meaning they will beat any competitorís regular price by 10%. Huge Savings On Emtek at Use Coupon Code EMTEK at Checkout!

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VentingDirect Micro Banner carries thousands of products for the home dealing with ventilation and more. They have a huge inventory of products for each category starting with the kitchen ventilation fans and hoods. There are plenty of bathroom ventilation ideas with lighting included. Save 35% on all Panasonic Bath Fans at, No Coupon Needed! Home ventilation includes a variety of home ventilation fans, ceiling fans, humidifiers and air registers. has heating and cooling products that includes air conditioning, furnaces, fireplace sand stoves and more. They Have a large variety of different skylight solutions that includes electric and manual venting, roof windows and sky light tunnels. Save up to 40% on Range Hoods at

VentingPipe Micro Banner is a complete source for all your fireplace, stove and exhaust ventilation needs. They carry entire ventilation kits or you can purchase only the parts you need. They also have a line of fireplace and stoves to keep your home warm. Their tankless hot water heaters are a great alternative to the old standard. They heat water only when needed, have no large bulky tanks that may leak and reduce your gas bill. Save 10% on all Napoleon Fireplaces, Stoves and Grills at! No coupon code required

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PullsDirect Micro Banner has thousands of items from many manufacturers for every cabinet, draw, piece of furniture and appliance in your home. They have cabinet hardware, cabinet pulls, cabinet knobs, bathroom hardware and door hardware. The selection is huge and always offered with discounts. Many items will never be found at local home supply stores. - Carrying name brands such as Liberty Hardware, Top Knobs and Amerock!

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Air and Water Filtration

Buy Your Air Filters Online and Save! has a full line of home and industrial sized air filters. They have custom sizes for the odd sized vents, washable filters and rigid filters. You can get custom made frames to be used for pads. They are disposable, cots less than regular filters and are equally as effective. has a knowledge base helping you to understand more about air filtration and understand the terminology. There is a lot to understand about the air you breathe than just simply filtering. All filters are not created equally. Some are much more efficient than others removing more up to 95% of all allergens, dust, mold spores and bacteria from the air. You get a better selection and alternative to standard off the shelf store filters., Lowest-Priced Air Filters Replacements, All Sizes, Free Shipping! Click here!
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Healthy Home Filters at $39.99. Has a unique product line of electrostatic reusable air filters. They are much more efficient than any standard air filter, can be made to custom size, and are washable, reusable and permanent. They trap 10 times more than a standard fiberglass filter including microbes. They have an EPA approved anti microbial coating. These filters are 94.37% efficient. The price is about 50% below a contractor cost to you. You only buy this filter once but throwaways are for ever. Electrostatic filters are the best solution to home HVAC air filtration. STOP BUYING FURNACE FILTERS EVERY MONTH! Switch to Permanent, Washable, Electrostatic Filters...Starting at $39.99.

Healthy Home Filters at $39.99. also caries a line of Austin health filtration units for various health issues including allergies. This is really important to people who suffer from allergies and asthma. They also carry replacement filters for the Austin air purifier units.

Shower Filters from

Filter has the solutions to all your water problems. They sell filters and filtrations systems for every application in your home including refrigerators. They also have water test kits. Most water you buy in stores is simply filtered water. You are throwing your money away and polluting with these plastic bottles. Letís not forget there is a chemical contaminant that gets into the water from the plastic bottles. You can buy systems for the entire house or just a sink where you want to have filtered drinking water. There are special filter systems that take out specific contaminants you may have in your water. Removing chlorine and other chemicals from shower water will actually leave your skin and hair cleaner and softer. There is a special filter just for the shower.

Filter makes it affordable and possible to purchase and install water filtrations anywhere and for any application in your home. Once you install the primary system the only expense you have is new filters whihc will cost much less than buying cases of bottled water or single bottles from a local store. Remember you help reduce pollution from empty bottles and stop ingesting chemical contaminants from the plastic.

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Dunstan baby learning system

Isopure is all about water and purification. They sell complete purification systems, pumps and motors, shower filters, replacement water filters, water softeners, testing and monitoring equipment, water chillers and instant hot water heaters. Many of those very popular and somewhat pricey bottled companies use filtered water done by a process called reverse osmosis. Simply put this pushes water through permeable membranes to remove the finest particles leaving clear water. You still have the plastic bottle to contend with and the chemicals from the plastic that leach into the water.

You can buy your own purification systems, save a lot of money on filtered bottled water and use permanent safe bottles to transport your drinking water. Each month an average of 600 people purchase a reverse osmosis system from Isopure They realized the savings in owning their system and have stopped the plastic bottle pollution. You may ask why you should buy your own filter system. There are two reasons; one is the daily expense ofbuying bottled water and anf the second is the ingestion of chemicals leaching into the water from the plastic bottle.This will eventually lead to health problems including cancer.

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water filtration systems

Puriteam has a water filtration sytem solution for your needs. They offer a variety of systems in price ranges that can filter water in the entire house, well water, kitchen,shower and bath. The people at Puriteam will answer all your questions and help you choose the correct system for your needs.

Why get a fitration system?

Chlorine and other contaminants can cause a change in odor and taste. Medical research and studies showed the rise in heart problems began not long after chlorination of water started at the first reservoir for Jersey City NJ. The reserach concluded that chlorine is related to heart problems and bladder cancer.

liquids, food and plastics don't mix. Most plastics are made with a chemical called BPA that has been researched and documented to cause many disorders. It was bad enough that some states banned it from being used in baby bottles. it was shown to cause fetal development,neurological and hormonal problems among other things. The plastic bottles, unless recycled, will end up in a land fill for about a thousand years before beginning to decompose. We use a lot of oil to make these bottles, something which will some day be in low supply.

The Put Home UC-12 is tested and rated for optimum performance at 12,000 gallons on city water. and only needs to be chaanged every 3 years. An average single filter unit can yield up to 3000 gallons of water. It's estimated the average need for drinking and cooking is about 8 gallons a day giving you a years worth of filtered water. Your filtration cost, depending on the unit you buy, will range from .02 to .06 per gallon. Your savings will quickly add up when you stop purchasing bottled water. You'll always have drinking water in the frdge and filtered water for cooking on demand. Did you know that many companies use city water and filter it?

Shower and bath filters serve a few purposes. they soften the water makiing your skin and hair feel very clean while reducing soap scum and hard water build up. Chlorine is also a factor. When you take a hot shower or bath the chlorine can easily penetrate your skin pores. It's preferable to eliminate this problem.

The filters are low cost and very easy to install, something anyone can do. You only need to replace the filter cartridge for continued use.

Get a discount, see all the systems, and learn how to get a free water analysis at
Go to the wizard page and fill out the form for a suggested system for your home. The Wizard
6 month satisfaction guaranteed and Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Puriteam

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