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I26 hyperimmune egg Press Release

New York - Doctors are hailing an amazing “super-charged” natural egg breakthrough as a revolutionary approach for supporting appropriate immune responses.

The breakthrough dietary supplement called “hyperimmune egg” is produced by grain-fed hens that lay eggs that are scientifically-fortified with antibodies and other immune factors.

Hyperimmune eggs contain the same amount of protein, calories, and fat as regular eggs, and only 1/15-1/40 the amount of cholesterol as regular eggs, but are enriched with advanced immune co-factors through a technology similar to human vaccination.

The contents of the eggs are turned into a fine powder, called i26®, which is either used by itself, or formulated into a variety of different products for sports performance, weight management, children, and pets.

I26 is a very exciting food-based immune supplement that could make a great difference in the health of millions of Americans, declared Dr. Bryan Turner, Jordan Health & Wellness Center in South Jordan, UT. The unique qualities of these eggs contribute to an optimized human immune system; which is the best defense for maintaining peak health and defending oneself naturally from disease.

Dr. Turner who is trained as both a physician, and a veterinarian, added that i26 goes beyond mere nutrition to partner with the body to help it defend and heal itself. “I take i26 every day and recommend it to many of my patients; they have experienced impressive results and it makes a huge difference in my life and my family. i26 is probably the most effective natural product ever developed for our immune system.

Pre-clinical and clinical investigations show that hyperimmune egg changes energy levels, supports joint, cardiovascular, digestive, and circulatory health, and promotes a sense of well-being

The more than 20-year research program to develop the hyperimmune egg technology cost more than $50-million, and is protected by over 100 worldwide patents and patent submissions.

Investigations at the U.S. Army, Harvard/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Cornell University, NYC, and other institutions both here in the States and overseas, have revealed that i26 is safe, effective, and has no side effects.

I personally use i26 and recommend it to my patients as an important health supplement, says Dr. Leonard Seltzer, a pediatric allergy specialist in Wilmington, Delaware, who raves about his increased energy and digestive health. Science is simply advancing the quality of nature and we are all better off if we take advantage of these discoveries, Dr. Seltzer added.

Robert Odell, M.D., Ph. D., a Diplomate American Board of Pain Medicine and the American Board of Anesthesiology based in Las Vegas, NV says of i26 and its research: “Besides boosting my energy and giving me deep restful sleep, I find that I’m far less prone to colds and the aches and pains that used to slow me down. i26 is by far the most effective immune supplement I have ever taken. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to change their quality of life and stay at peak performance

Dr. Glen Winkel, a research physiologist in Colorado Springs, Colorado and one of America’s top Master Cyclists says he noticed a dramatic response in his energy and recovery levels and significant stamina and endurance benefits during peak athletic performance. “I rely on science to support a product’s claim and i26 has impeccable research to support its immune and performance claims. This discovery is a major breakthrough for human health and I will never personally be without it,” said Dr. Winkel.

Legacy for Life, LLC is a health and wellness company that was founded in 1998 to market and distribute unique products based on patented hyperimmune egg technology. The company, which also operates in Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and China, is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Legacy products are sold through a worldwide network of independent home-based entrepreneurs. To learn more about Legacy for Life, their proprietary products or starting your own Distributorship, contact John Russo by email here

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