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Buy cheap prescription regular and colored contact lenses online and save hundreds of dollars a year in daily wear, weekly and monthly lenses as well as lens supplies. Our online eyewear stores carry the most popular manufacturers including Johnson and Johnson, Acuvue, Bausch and lomb, Ciba Vision and Cooper Vision. There are many creative ideas in lenses today allowing you to change colors, shapes and do some very special effects. AC Lens and Vision Direct Contacts have a large variety of special effects lenses. You can change eye colors and get dramatic effects in lenses for Halloween or just a special party.

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IF you wear glasses or want a back up pair for those days you have no time to put in contacts our online eyeglsees stores have huge selections of designer glasses and prescription sunglasses at discounted prices. They offer continuously reduced prices, special deals and free shipping making eyeglasses very affordable. You need your eye prescription. Ordering is easy, just select the glasses you want, enter all the information they need and you're done. AC Lens has a line of designer sunglasses, reading glasses and prescription eyeglasses at discounted prices.

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AC Lens leads the competition with lower prices offering ther widest selection of products and great customer service. Their product line includes every major contact lens on the market and contact lens accessories like contact lens solution, cleaners, reading glasses, and more. Save up to $240 a year when you order an annual supply of contact lenses from Acuvue, Focus, and more. Free shipping with every order.
AC Lens has a full line of designer sunglasses, very low priced prescription eyeglasses and reading glasses. Any order over $99.00 gets free shipping.

Thier large selection of special effects conatct lenses is perfect for theatrical, Halloween effects or just changing out your eye colors.

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