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Bottled Water Not What it Appears to Be

Bottled water is a big industry. Ads and hype mislead people into thinking they are getting the nectar of the gods but most of it is just plain old filtered tap water. Cities have very strict guidelines on their water quality so you get clean tested water all day from the tap. There is one problem. Most facilities chlorinate their water to kill off impurities. Carbon Filters, used in home water treatment systems, can remove thousands of contaminants including the chlorine. One filter can save you a small fortune in bottled water cost, reduce landfill and keep you from consuming toxic chemicals from the plastic bottles.

Water filtration and Minerals

Water is classified as hard or soft. Hard water contains dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium which are healthy for us to drink. Soft water has most of the minerals removed. This is good for pipes, washing machines, showers and also your skin and hair. You really need the minerals in it for consumption. Another issue is soft water can more easily pick up other metal contaminants in you home pipes like lead, copper and other metals from faucets.

Home water filters and systems can be purchased for your entire home or just specific areas like drinking water, shower, and washing machine. The two most common home systems are water softners and reverse osmosis. They both remove most of the minerals in your water. reverse osmosis removes many more contaminants and particultae changing the taste and Ph of the water. Some minerals are necessary nutrients requiring a special unit to replace minerals and rebalance the Ph. A reverse osmosis system can be installed for whole house filtration or a specific area, usually under the kitchen sink for drinking and cooking water. This is the same filtration system used for most bottled water you drink.

You can buy separate filters for specific areas like washing machines, hot water heaters and showers. A separate carbon filtration unit at the kitchen sink is an excellent choice. It will give you crystal clear contaminate free water for drinking and cooking, while improving food flavor. Who doesn't want better tasting coffee or tea.

Carbon - An ancient Filtration Medium

Carbon Water Filters have been used for centuries to filter impurities from drinking water. Carbon is a very powerful absorbent; one pound (half a kilogram) of carbon contains a surface area of 125 acres (0.5 square kilometers). The material has millions of tiny pores, usually invisible to the eye, and can absorb thousands of water contaminants. Carbon is a material that has a positive charge, which helps attract even more impurities. Three types of carbon are generally used for drinking water filtration: bituminous, wood, and coconut shell carbon. Coconut shell carbon is most effective out of the three. A single cartridge system can filter up to 10,000 gallons of water costing only $.0095 per gallon.

By installing your own home filter you can have clean chlorine free water all the time without the additional cost and no plastic bottles for land fill. You can look for a suitable system for your home or apartment at these two professional companies: Filter home and commercial systems, filters, test kits isolated filtration needs.
Isopure has all the systems and filters but also carries special installation items and replacement motors for commercial use and large units.

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