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Furnace and Home Air Conditioner Electrostatic Filters

Never Buy Another Filter Again!

Indoor air quality plays a major role in our health at home and work. A highly efficient electrostatic air filter can keep the air clean and free of potential health hazards. HVAC filters, home air conditioner filters and furnace filters all do the same job with the only difference being the size of the filter needed for the air vent. Air conditioner filters primary function was to keep dust and dirt from getting into your system. The pollutants found in indoor air have given the filter a dual purpose.

The two best filters are pleated and electrostatic. Pleated come in a variety of grades and prices. Its efficiency to remove allergens and dust from the air is based on the Quality of the filter. Pleated filters, according to the manufacturer, can be used up to 3 months but if heavily used should be changed more frequently. Cost for pleated can range from a basic filter at $3.00 to $11.00 for a top of the line filter. Anyone with allergies, asthma and other immune disorders needs a good filter.

Electrostatic filters are permanent and reusable made of materials that generate their own neutral electric charge. Depending on the manufacturer they have 3 to 5 layers of filtration components. BoAir is the best on the market for the price. This 5-stage air filter is extremely efficient and recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers. Itís up to 25 times more effective in removing airborne dust, spores, dander, allergens and other contaminants than disposable filters.

  • Itís easy to clean
  • low cost investment with ROI in one year
  • free shipping
  • permanent, never have to buy again
  • lifetime warranty

During periods of high usage filters should be cleaned or changed monthly. A clogged filter reduces air flow reducing air filtration and puts a strain on motors causing them to use more power. This, in turn, can cause compressors and fan motors to burn out. A few minutes of maintenance on your HVAC air filter will give you cleaner air and hopefully extend the life of your system.

380 Million furnace filters get thrown out each year in U.S. Go Green By Switching to Washable, Permanent Filters

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