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Allergen in Homes

Indoor home air quality or indoor pollution has proven to be a cause of indoor allergies causing allergic reactions. Allergens in home air include dust, dirt, various spores, dust mites, pet dander and pollen. Pet dander, also known as pet pollen, is extremely tiny skin cells pets shed. They can float in the air for hours before landing. Cats shed more dander than dogs so are responsible for causing more allergies. The dust mites that dine off dead skin cells have feces that cause asthma attacks.

Controlling the allergens in homes is a continuing effort of cleaning. We bring in allergens, dust dirt and spores on our clothes, shoes and the air coming through the open door. Mold hiding in the house can easily spread spores through the air. A periodic search in the house may help find any possible hiding places of mold in moist damp places. Your best defenses are to constantly clean and vacuum, confine pets to one room, take off your shoes at the door, keep moisture levels low and filter the air.

Home Air Filters

Room air purifier systems with hepa filters and electrostatic filters eliminate majority of all basic pollutants. Units with special features can also eliminate ovc'c (harmful volatile chemicals). If you have central heat furnace and air conditioning ducts in your home using a high quality filter is an excellent solution to purifying your indoor air. High quality Furnace filters and air conditioner filters can remove most of the pollutants or allergens in the air.

Pleated filters are the better choice in disposable filters. They come in a variety of sizes and filtration levels or microns and are priced according to filtration levels. Manufacturers say they can be used for up to three months but should be change more frequently based on usage. Filters primary function was to remove dust and impurities in air being pulled back into the system to keep the coils and fan blades clean. Once the air quality issue was discovered filters took on a dual purpose. Cleaner air means better health and less dust on the furniture.

Electrostatic filters are the best choice. They’re permanent and reusable made of materials that generate their own neutral electric charge. Depending on the manufacturer they have 3 to 5 layers of filtration components. BoAir is the best on the market for the price. This 5-stage air filter is extremely efficient and recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers. It’s up to 25 times more effective in removing airborne dust, spores, dander, allergens and other contaminants than disposable filters.

We spend many hours in our homes, sometimes stuck in them for days on end. Cleaner air reduces health risks from allergen and mold. It's what you can't see that can hurt you. Keep your home and family healthy. The same filters are can benefit everyone in the workplace. Breathe easier with cleaner home air. Go to the companies below for filters and air filtration units.

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